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Installation Overview

Ogg Drop is now a stand-alone application, but does contain a separate QuickTime Component installer.

Currently, Ogg Drop will only encode/rip stereo AIFF files. These files are the native format of audio CDs. If you wish to encode other formats into Ogg, you will first need to convert the format to AIFF. You can usually do this with the QuickTime player.

QuickTime Component
Any .oggs on your machine will automatically play in any QT enabled application, such as the QT player or iTunes. The tags that are embedded into each audio track (from Ogg Drop, for example), will also be readable with this component. Finally you can use iTunes with oggs just like you can mp3s. This new version now includes support for QuickTime 7.

Tagging Existing Ogg Files
Ogg Drop can tag existing ogg files, even if they weren't created using Ogg Drop. Simply drop the ogg into the encoder window, and its status will show "Ogg", meaning no encoding is necessary. You can now open the info window, and change the tags as you would normally. When you press Okay, it will re-save the Ogg file with the new tags in place. You can dismiss the info window by pressing the info window button on the toolbar.

Version 1.0b5
- QuickTime 7 support, thanks to Arek Korbik
- Built with Vorbis libraries version 1.1
- Built with XCode 2.1
- Vorbis libs are now included as private frameworks